When it comes to strapping a camera onto your person or bike and trying to jump a river rapids, the only HD option is a GoPro. Small enough so it won’t get in your way, more importantly it’s affordable, so wrecking it won’t be a worry (not that its hard case will allow that), as opposed to a DSLR, which runs a small fortune.

The original GoPro HD Hero wasn’t perfect, though, with its pretty much non-existent user interface and lack of compatibility with other peripherals. However, GoPro just released the model’s successor, the Hero2, boasting improvements across the board. The UI has been made more visual with a tiny LCD and the camera’s faster sensor allows for 960p at 48 frames per second and 11-megapixel-stills (compared to 5MP, previously). External mic and mini-HDMI inputs are also included in the device’s trademark rectangular package, as well as support for GoPro’s upcoming WiFi Bacpac, which will let users remotely control the camera via a wireless remote and smartphone.

The Hero2 currently retails for $299. The WiFi Bacpac is set to hit stores by the end of the year. 

[via Tech Crunch]