Just last month at Université de Montréal, a group of students put on blackface for a commercial they were making as part of a business class. They'd been assigned a video project by their professor; only the students can take credit for the racism.

There is far too much recent precedent on college campuses for this sort of behavior. The 2000s are rotten with reports of schools across America hosting parties that encouraged explicitly racist behavior, most often in the form of blackface and other sorts of offensive costuming.

Many of the photos from these past events are now unavailable. Though the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, and Oklahoma State all came under fire for hosting "ghetto" themed parties, in 2005, 2007, and 2002, respectively, the damning images can no longer be found. 

The photos that follow are hard evidence of other blatantly racist parties that have happened in this country (and elsewhere), all within the last ten years.

Halloween is approaching. If you see anybody pulling something like this, maybe consider stomping the shit out of them.