The Punisher has no luck when it comes to live-action adaptations. All three Punisher movies have been simply terrible, and it seems like no one in Hollywood can grasp the simple premise behind the character. Now Deadline is reporting that Fox is looking to take a stab at the character by purchasing the rights to a Punisher TV pilot from ABC Studios and Criminal Minds producer Ed Bernero

Sounds good, right? Well the article also points out that the pilot will change Frank Castle from a crazed vigilante with a serious anger problem into a New York police officer that fights crime in his spare time. It seems like the studio is attempting to turn this show into a clichéd police procedural with a comic book title attached to it just to boost ratings. 

For a Punisher show to really work, it would need to be on a channel that allows for some intense bloodshed and mayhem, like HBO or AMC; instead, Fox is apparently looking to make a commercially pleasing show that will most likely conform to network guidelines on violence and gore. Don't expect massive gunfights or sadistic torture scenes. Don't expect crazed serial killers to fight Castle or foul language like the comics. And most of all, don't expect it to be any good. 

[via Deadline