Ritch Workman (yes, with a “t”) looks out for the little people. The Florida state legislator recently submitted a bill to lift the state’s 22-year-old ban on throwing little people for sports at bars. Even better, he’s doing it to help raise employment.

While Workman finds tossing little people to be both “repulsive and stupid," he sees the 1989 ban on the activity as “archaic.” According to Workman, it does nothing more than keep little people from getting the jobs they want. While it appears that Workman has taken the feelings of little people into consideration, further investigation shows that he really hasn’t.

Apparently, Workman created this bill without actually discussing it with any little people. To make a long story short, they aren’t happy about it. Current and former leaders of Little People of America have denounced the bill, labeling it “degrading” while also nothing the health risks associated with it (paralysis, anyone?).

Does the state of Florida have the right to decide whether or not little people can be thrown around for money? Thoughts? Feelings?

[via Palm Beach Post]