One thing that Epic has been able to prove time and time again is that their various iterations of the Unreal graphical engine can be adapted to nearly any and every platform. Yesterday, Unreal announced one of the biggest leaps yet for the Unreal Engine: to the web. Unreal has revealed an updated version of the Unreal Engine that runs inside of an Adobe Flash-based environment. That is right, the power of the Unreal 3 Engine can now power web / flash games.

The announcement was made during the keynote speech at Adobe MAX 2011. Epic was on hand to show off Unreal Tournament 3 running inside a web browser. Think about this for a minute; the same graphical engine that powers games such as Bulletstorm, Borderlands, and the Gears of War series will now be accessible to flash games. The Unreal Engine is officially supported by Adobe Flash Player 11 which is now available through Adobe’s website.

Just imagine what we will be playing inside our web browsers within the next year. Goodbye productivity at work!