Okay, we admit it. We think Superman is cool, and yeah, even pretty good looking for a superhero. But Herbert Chavez took his appreciation for the S-Man to a whole another level. The 35-year-old man from the Philippines is so Superman-obsessed, he took the surgeon's table and underwent several plastic surgeries in an attempt to resemble his idol.

Chavez, a beauty pageant trainer in his home country, is no stranger to the desperate measures people resort to in the quest for perfection. But it's a specific brand of beauty Chavez sought after, not just movie star looks, but comic book looks, an endeavor that has took several surgeries—including a complete nose re-sculpting, several lip injections, thigh implants and an augmentation to get Clark Kent's famously dimpled chin—to achieve.

What's more, Chavez has plans to go under the knife yet again for an operation that would make him taller and take him one step closer to a Superman-esque stature.

Chavez's transformation seems a little far-fetched for the average fanboy, but being that Chavez already has an entire house devoted to his Superman memorabilia alone, this must have seemed like the next logical insane step.

[Via Gawker]