Mayor Bloomberg swung through Zuccotti Park last night to speak with protesters and let them know that Brookfield Properties will be cleaning the park. Brookfield, which owns the park, began distributing flyers today explaining that the western portion of the park will be closed bright and early at 7 a.m. Friday morning for cleaning.

The cleaning is expected to take four hours, and demonstrators will be allowed back into the area, but only for “lawful use consistent with our regulation.” However, Brookfield has come up with new regulations that may gut the occupation, as is prohibits numerous activities that have allowed the movement to continue. For example, new rules outlaw sleeping bags, tarps and sleeping on the ground. Uh-oh.

While some protesters held a General Assembly to figure their next plan of action, others decided to clean the park on their own. Occupy Wall Street plans to meet with attorneys to determine how to handle the inevitable faceoff between the cops and protesters. One protester noted that they have a cleaning department, and they will willingly sleep without tents.

Protesters cleaned up for Tom Morello, and will continue to take it upon themselves to sanitize the area. Regardless, they plan to lock arms around the park to piss police off, and want people to come to Zuccotti Park at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to help with “an eviction defense.” Get ready for the showdown.

Make sure you check out the flyers

[via Gothamist]