We were more than excited to learn that Eminem was going to do more than guest star on Entourage when he announced his involvement with Southpaw. The much-gestated project was set to be the god of rock's second feature film, but seemed down for the count when DreamWorks sent it stumbling into the corner back in August. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures will be the new ring trainer to distribute the MGM boxing drama to the masses.

The film, which was written by the awfully shy Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and Slim Shady, tells the story of a left-handed welterweight boxer who becomes a champion before suffering a kidney shot from tragedy. The pivotal moment compels Em's character to answer the ten count, and make a comeback to the squared circle. Production is scheduled to begin early next year with Antoine Fuqua as the director. With 2012 right around the corner, It's good to see the Training Day helmer finally get his shine time.

Do you think that with Sutter and Fuqua on board that fans of the 8 Mile rapper will be in for something really great? Speak your piece below.

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