The video above shows police in Bainbridge, Ohio engaging in a high speed chase along Route 422 with 28-year-old Erin B. Holdsworth back on October 11. Regardless of whether it’s in a car or on foot, there are few things that police hate more than chasing people. However, their anger instantly became shock when Holdsworth emerged from her car.

After a chase that reached speeds of 128 miles an hour, Holdsworth staggered out of her vehicle topless, clad in only fishnet stockings, a g-string and sneakers. We’re assuming she left her heels in the trunk to give her feet a break, plus it’s kind of hard to drive at that speed-or any speed-in heels. Anyway, Holdsworth was clearly wasted, and was described as “combative” during the arrest. She appears to be rather feral here as she’s seen kicking the back window of the police cruiser while screaming at the top of her lungs.

Is this the case of a tryst gone wrong, or was Holdsworth possessed by the vengeful spirit of a dead stripper? She has about a dozen pending charges, so we’ll let the judge decide.

[via My Fox 8]