Roll the name on your tongue.  You’ll taste bits and pieces of an old empire’s lost cuisine, when the experts running the kitchen were among the best in the industry.  Perfectly seasoned gameplay, fresh storylines.  We ate like kings, and we didn’t even realize it at the time because we were too busy level-grinding like peons.

After Square married Enix, we were still given great titles here and there, but something was amiss. An occasional gameplay tweak, with upper management changes sprinkled in, and Square Enix games just weren’t the same anymore.  Even with the rose-tinted glasses put away in a box with the rest of our biases, it’s still undeniable that Square’s golden age lies firmly planted in the 90’s and early turn of the century.  That’s not to say that Enix didn’t bring along some ammo as well after the merger (see Kingdom Hearts).

Honestly this is probably a bad idea, but we’re going to rank our favorite SquareSoft/Enix games anyways (which is only marginally less reckless/offensive than ranking religious deities). Narrowing it down to 11 was hard enough as it is, and butts will likely be hurt in the process.  For starters, we apologize to Ashley Riot for not making this list. 

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