In a move that would have Alan Moore spinning in his eventual grave, there have been a number of rumors that DC Comics is planning a series of prequel comics based on Watchmen, according to Bleeding Cool. If true, the project would apparently be spearheaded by artist Darwyn Cooke, along with writers Brian Azzarello and Joe Michael Straczynski. These Watchmen 2 rumors have been floating around for years, but the website is claiming that a mysterious phone call pretty much confirmed that it is close to a reality now.

There is no denying that if this series does see the light of day, DC would make a small fortune from it. On the other hand, Watchmen is considered so perfect and timeless that exploiting it for the sole purpose of making money seems to spit in the face of Moore’s original purpose. This is the comic book equivalent of someone coming along and filming Citizen Kane 2: Kane Harder.

There are no other details on what these prequel comics would actually be about, but one could assume that they would detail the early years of Rorschach, Nite-Owl, and the Minutemen. In a time when comic book sales are down and profits are slim, it might be in the company’s best interest to exploit this property to its fullest, even though it is running the risk of forever tainting one of its most important stories.

[via Bleeding Cool]