Another day at NYCC has resulted in another plentiful offering of news on Capcom fighting games. Complex took a front row seat at Saturday’s press conference for the “ULTIMATE!!!” version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

So who blessed us with their greatness at the meeting between creators and fans? Special Fighting Game Consultant (awesome job title, BTW) Seth Killian, Capcom Producer for the game Ryota Niitsuma and Marvel’s producer for the game Chris Baker. This crew of motley fan pleasers made a few announcements for UMVC3 that made us pre-order a copy.

When the game drops, fans will be able to change the cover art with the reversible packaging. American or Japanese cover art? You decide…

We currently have two new stages (“The City That Never Sleeps” and “Days of Future Past”), new colors for Spider-Man and Felicia, a total of 50 fighters, a tweaked X-Factor and an online spectator mode.

If you’re planning on playing with some air dashers, be wary: they no longer have the ability to block during them.

The new animated opening CG film, son? Jaw dropping. Deadpool surfing on Phoenix Wright’s “OBJECTION!!!” quote bubble elicited some laughs from the crowd there.

Trailers for Rocket Raccoon and Frank West are coming soon, so be patient.

But you’re here for the big news, aren’t you true believers? Check this out: The panel showed off its new mode “Heroes and Heralds.” Players can choose to save the world with the heroes or destroy it with Galactus’ army of silver clones. 100 special ability cards can be equipped on players’ teams, and those cards will also sport many obscure Marvel and Capcom characters. Howard the Duck, anyone?

Some of the abilities seen were double jump, invincibility to projectiles and even the parry system from Street Fighter 3: 3RD Strike. The crowd had an EVO moment when they showed off that ability being used by Ryu on Chun-Li. About 1.12 million combinations of the cards are available, so choose wisely.

The “Heroes and Heralds” mode will be playable in offline and online iterations. Go offline, smash the AI and win even more cards. Win enough and a bonus stage is your reward. Online, gamers get to start clans and vie for the win in weekly campaigns. This mode will be free, post launch DLC.

Oh and Galactus is playable. Let that sink in for a minute…

THANK YOU CAPCOM FIGHTING GAME BASED GODS!!! Nov. 15 couldn’t get here fast enough.