We’ve been excited for Sonic Generations ever since we saw that first trailer for it a few months back. But now that we’ve actually played it, our excitement level is through the roof. You know that sequel to Sonic and Knuckles/Sonic Adventure 2 that you’ve always wanted but were never granted?

Well, you can stop complaining on the message boards now, because here it is in Sonic Generations, the perfect mix of old school and new school Sonic.

The beauty of the demo we played, which is a city street with a rampaging truck on the loose a la Sonic Adventure 2, is that it just plays so perfectly. There’s no wonky physics, no strange targeting system, and no annoying glitches. Just straight up, no bullshit, running at breakneck speeds and bopping into enemies.

You know, everything we love about Sonic but have been neglected of for the past few years. The game promises both old and new levels, so we really have no reason to ever complain again that Sega doesn’t love us, as they clearly do as they’ve shown with this tile. Consider this game an apology for all previous crap that we’ve had to endure over the years.

SEGA, we forgive you.