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Another week passes, as does another mountain of experiences…and you gotta wonder where time disappears to, don't you? Does our misused time get passed on to some other species or animals to be used at their leisure? Does it get stored in some vault of stored minutes and missed opportunities? Does time exist within a rain forest-like ecosystem where one's waste is another's treasure, and death for one brings bounty to the next? If so, considering how much time we all waste, whoever's getting those rollover minutes is chilling hard as hell. Wealthy housewife level chilling…Deadbeat son level chilling, even. 

And we toil on, abusing minutes we should spend being productive, helping someone else out, or planning our relative next moves. I'm personally taking inventory of how I spend my days in a whole new way going forward. More family, more mobile beats, more meditation, more DJ practice, more writing, less dead time on flights, less driving, and less true complaints is the plan. We'll see how that plays out. The idea feels healthy, despite the possibility that like all of us, I could go back to the habit of wasting moments and opportunities for months before realizing I'm doing it again. Tightening up my sonar on that front too. Here's to productivity and healthy thinking on a whole new level. 2011 is almost over and another 365 day clean slate is on the way. I got my contract red inked early. Bless up.