As you can see from the possible scene clip above, The Dark Knight Rises has landed in New York. While Bats and director Christopher Nolan won't be fighting alongside the 99% down at Zuccotti Park, pop culture site Celebuzz snapped these set photos of Christopher Nolan at... Trump Towers! Wait! The Caped Crusader's alter-ego Bruce Wayne is going to help a politician become president? No, it seems that both Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were spotted on-set at Trump Towers, which has been made over to resemble Wayne Enterprises.

Gotham City is going to be massive this go 'round as these images show off some very crazy visual energy. We just hope that the make-believe coiffured real estate mogul doesn't ask the World's Greatest Detective for his birth certificate.

The Dark Knight Rises is making progress and will come to theaters on July 20, 2012. Starring the aforemention Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, and Marion Cotillard—could Christopher Nolan be teasing us with a surprise and we're not seeing it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[via Celebuzz]