With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Myspace it seems as if the market for social networks (at least in the USA) is at capacity. Who really needs more than two of those four? PC Mag is reporting that Brian Gross, the man behind UberTwitter, believes you only need one social network: his. Called Chime.In, Gross introduced his new social network at Web 2.0 Summit today in San Francisco, and is said to be a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and even Digg. 

According to Gross, Chime.In will allow users to share pictures and videos, post messages and updates called Chimes, and will have a user voting system akin to Digg. Users will also be able to tag their Chimes with specific interests which in turn will allow users to subscribe to interests. If you follow someone, you can choose to see all their Chimes, or just the ones that match your interests. Doesn't sound too groundbreaking to us, but we'll hold our tongues until we test it out. Head over to Chime.in to check it out for yourself. 

[via PC Mag