If you are a fan of DICE and EA’s Battlefield series and excited for the launch of Battlefield 3, you want to show your love for the franchise, right? Electronic Arts is teaming up with accessory Calibur11 to produce the ultimate means of displaying your dedication: the Battlefield 3 Vault.

Available for owners of both the Xbox 360 Slim and PlayStation 3 Slim systems, the Battlefield 3 Vault is the ultimate customizable case for your system(s). The casing features a Battlefield 3 smoke body, claymore with a 3-mode LED light, DICE logo smoke grenade, and it includes a performance grid that enhances the cooling of your console by increasing airflow. Gamers can alter and customize the body of the Vault as they like using a wide range of accessories including attachable nameplates and controller holder(s).

The Battlefield 3 Vault will be available at www.calibur11.com as well as all major online retailers. GameStop is offering a special edition bundle that includes a copy of the Battlefield 3 for the PlayStation 3 console, Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack DLC code, and the Battlefield 3 Vault for the PlayStation 3 Slim for $99.99. Customizable nameplates are also available for $17.99.

We have to admit, that looks pretty cool.

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