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The activism of Occupy Wall Street is a beautiful thing, and Steven Greenstreet was unable to ignore the beauty of the women involved. In addition to the video, he fathered the Tumblr “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street,” which highlights beauties on both sides of the law.

Some feel that the multimedia shrines hurt the movement by objectifying women, while others are proud that strong, beautiful, and intelligent females are receiving well-deserved attention. For what it's worth, the mother of one of the “hot” girls even commented on the video to show her support.

The activism will always be the prime focus of Occupy Wall Street, but people are going to enjoy themselves in the process. Trust us; life is being experienced out there. While, we wish more of the girls featured in the video were posted on the blog, we don’t want to harp on the negative. Check the movement’s versions of Megan Fox and Mila Kunis, and try your best not to sing “Mrs. Officer” as you peep the pics above.