No longer aiming to thwart Facebook, the perpetually here-today-gone-tomorrow hacker group Anonymous has instead turned their focus to Mexico’s Zetas drug cartel, threatening an attack on their ceremonious Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th.

Beyond killing innocent people—tourists included—in the long-running drug war, the Zetas specifically incurred the wrath of Anonymous by allegedly kidnapping one of their members in Veracruz in southeastern Mexico. And so, the hackers have launched a video response (above), promising to expose the identities of cooperating journalists, taxi drivers, and policemen if their fellow hacker isn’t released by November 5.

Whether or not that kind of information would affect sweeping change is up in the air. For one, rival cartels would surely capitalize upon it and perhaps enact a shift in power. But whether or not the Mexican government—generally inept up to this point in the saga—would ultimately assert itself is another issue entirely. 

[via Gawker]