You’re dead wrong if you thought “Angry Birds”—already peddling loads of merchandise, talking to Hollywood producers about a tie-in film, and spawning an unlicensed theme park—was going to loosen its stranglehold on our collective cultural attention span.

Andrew Stalbow, GM of “Angry Birds” developer Rovio’s North American branch, announced some impressive statistics yesterday, claiming that 30 million people play the game on a daily basis, with 130 million people playing it each month. To date, the game has been downloaded more than 400 million times. The total estimation for time spent playing the game each year is in the billions of hours—1.825 to be exact, if the word ‘billions’ wasn’t dramatic enough for you.

Stalbow also suggested that these numbers only stand to go up, as China, home of the aforementioned theme park attraction, is rapidly becoming the game’s fastest growing market, currently outpaced only by America (USA! USA!). 

The “Angry Birds” brand is aggressively targeting that market, releasing officially licensed moon cakes (don’t ask us) for the Chinese Moon Festival to go along with a software update. 

But fear not if you are addicted to “Angry Birds” and don’t live in China: Rovio will be introducing a new bird on Halloween. If you care, and you probably do if you’ve read to the fifth paragraph of an “Angry Birds” story, the bird will be yellow and will resemble a duck.

[via Mashable