Behold the epicenter of movie curse myths. The Poltergeist film franchise has so much shit surrounding it, you've got to wonder why anyone ever agreed to be in any of the sequels. Since the original's 1982 release, a handful of people from each of the three films met an untimely demise at some point after the film's release: 22-year-old Dominique Dunn's murder, 12-year-old Heather O'Rouke's death by septic shock, and 53-year-old Will Sampson's kidney failure. 

People speculate that the reason the films are "cursed" is because allegedly real skeletal remains were used during the pool scene of the first film, but we're not really buying that.

Creepy addition: Actress JoBeth Williams said that, during filming, she would always return home from set every day to find the pictures hanging on her walls crooked. She would straighten them, only to have them crooked again when she returned home the next day. 

How's that for art imitating life?