We couldn't be any happier that the higher-ups at FOX opted not to heed Kanye West's words of warning: Let's be real, one can never have too many Urkels on their team. Or at least when it comes to primetime TV shows.

Clearly, someone recognized that Jaleel White's talents had been long underutilized (well, unless you count the epic Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus among your favorite movies of 2010, as you should). We could barely stop ourselves from doing "The Urkel" in silent approval when word circulated that the Family Matters star would be making a guest appearance on tonight's season premiere of the hit drama House. But the actor behind the iconic nerd won't be playing close to type in the eighth season's first episode, promisingly titled "Twenty Vicodin"; reportedly he'll be making the doc's acquaintance in prison as a fellow inmate.

Could this be the breakout role that puts the White back on the map? We might have the answer. Check out our list of 5 Reasons Why Jaleel White Is Poised For A Comeback. And don't say we didn't call it.