Similar to the migration patterns of the majestic Canadian goose, once a year comic book fans from all around the country make a beautiful journey to the Jacob Javits Center in New York to dress in ridiculous-looking costumes, scarf down questionable hot dogs, and buy page-turners in bulk. That’s right: We’re talking about New York Comic-Con.

This four-day mega-event may have started in San Diego, but it's now a yearly fixture in the Big Apple, as well. Unlike most geek gatherings, there's more to this convention than the ability to purchase Vulcan ears autographed by Spock himself, or watching overweight fangirls attempt to boost their self-esteem by dressing in skimpy outfits.

Like any comic convention worth its weight in stale nachos and buckets of soda, the New York Comic-Con is the place to be for comic book companies and movie studios looking to push their upcoming projects on one of the most temperamental fan-bases in all of pop-culture. But with so many big announcements and exclusive footage being shown at all times, it’s tough to hear about everything that went down.

That’s where we come in. For three days, we braved the stifling heat and eclectic aromas of the Javits Center in order to bring you all of the latest news from the convention. So if you weren’t lucky enough to be there, we’re here to inform you with 10 Things We Learned At The New York Comic-Con.