Any filmmaker, whether aspiring or popularly established, will tell you: The primary objective in making a movie is to create images that will last in viewers’ minds. It’s the fundamental reason for working in cinema—why make something that lasts 90 minutes and evaporates from audience members’ thoughts in less than 90 seconds? The most effective directors can successfully deliver scenes that subconsciously linger; hours after the movie has ended, while lying in bed, those moments replay over and over again in the old noodle.

Sometimes, however, the mentally repeated parts aren’t welcome. In the hands of morally corrupt provocateurs, the ability to transmit powerfully memorable images acts more like a dangerous weapon. Take writer-director Tom Six, for example. In 2010, he stormed into film’s uncharted waters with the nauseating The Human Centipede (First Sequence); you know, the one where a mad doctor surgically connects two hot chicks and an Asian dude together in an ass-to-mouth chain.

If you thought that was hard to stomach, wait until you get a load of Six’s follow-up, the black-and-white Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), which hits limited IFC theaters tomorrow (as well as IFC Midnight’s Video On Demand platform). It’s essentially 90 minutes’ worth of sadistic violence, with sliced-open kneecaps, hammered teeth, dead babies, defecated ooze seeping out of stapled mouths, and other noxious assaults on the viewer’s pupils.

How bad is Human Centipede II? Bad enough to rank amongst the sickest movies we’ve ever seen; i.e., movies that will forever remain in our thoughts, no matter how many nudie magazines or Pixar films we try to use as distractions. Join in our suffering by daringly peeping the following 10 Movies You Can’t Un-See. We apologize in advance.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)