Address: 695 10th Ave.
Website: n/a
Best Bet: Tacos Al Pastor ($2.75) with Arroz y Frijoles ($3.50)

Tehuitzingo is the textbook definition of a neighborhood gem. It's the kind of place you eagerly take your friends, proud to possess bragging rights for having found something authentic, indescribably delicious, and unequivocally cheap. 

Tehuitzingo is all business in the front: a Mexican grocery store selling everything from basic Goya necessities, to a sundry selection of chili-covered candies. In the back, it's a full-on fiesta. Jalapeño shaped lights line the walls and dusty-mini pinatas hang from the ceilings. There is even a jukebox and a TV perpetually tuned in to Telemundo. 

But bypass the tunes and head to the window in the back, where a slightly-surly looking Mexican woman stands, waiting for your order. Look to your left and you will see the taco menu, which offers 17 different protein options to fill your tortilla. Our favorites include Barbacoa ($2.75, yes, that means goat meat, but just trust us on this one) and Al Pastor, a shredded pork and pineapple combo so well-marinated you wouldn't dream of using a drop of salsa. 

The sopes con carne ($2.75) are also the real deal: thick corn tortillas topped with re-fried beans spread with a generous hand, crumbly queso fresco cheese, and charred beef. And the rice and beans, the true test of Latino excellence, are expertly aced with yellow rice seasoned to tear-inducing perfection and almost-creamy kidney beans.

But ultimately, there are only two things we advise you to do. One: Seeing as how the dozen or so stools along the counter-lined walls are often occupied, tell only a trusted few about our favorite HK taqueria. Two: for easier taco-procuring, consider breaking out your Rosetta Stone prior to the venture, or at least bring a linguistically gifted friend. When you become full and satisfied while sitting on your stool, and leave with cash-flow fully in tact, you'll be thankful you took our advice.