Two weeks ago, a kid showed up at Berlin City Hall, speaking English and seeking help because he’s “alone in the world” and doesn’t know his identity. He’s figured to be around 17 years old, and apparently has spent the last 5 years living in the forest. He told an English-speaking employee that his name was “Ray,” and that he had spent years in the forest with his father following the death of his mother in a car accident. According to the Daily Telegraph, his father—who died recently—told him to walk to Berlin if anything happened to him.

He speaks better English than German, so local police are collaborating with British authorities to establish who Nature Boy is, and who should take care of him. At the moment, he’s staying at a youth shelter, where the Daily Mail reports that he’s struggling to sleep in a traditional bed and is bothered by soap and running water.

This could be a movie-worthy story, or a sham; which would make even more deserving of the silver screen. Either way, everyone is interested in learning just exactly who Ray is.

[via Gawker]