Ever since it was announced that Ashton Kutcher would be replacing Charlie Sheen on the hit CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men, people have been arguing over who is the bigger douchebag. OK, mostly people in our offices. Though, to be fair, it's a pretty close call. The question is similar to, "Which is wetter, the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean?"

Thanks to his breakthrough on That ‘70s Show, Kutcher was at one time hailed as one of Hollywood's next big leading men. But then people saw his movies, and the results were horrifying. After that, Kutcher has become more like Kim Kardashian: famous, but people don’t really know why. Thirteen-year-old boys make more money at their bar mitzvahs than Kutcher’s movies make at the box office, and it's apparent that no one enjoys his work. But is he the douchiest?

And how about Mr. "Tiger Blood" Sheen? The son of legendary actor Martin Sheen, Charlie’s life has been filled with ugly divorces, hookers, drug-induced meltdowns, and the occasional successful movie. Since the ‘80s, Sheen has been one of the industry's most polarizing stars. His recent public outbursts cost him his posh gig on Two And A Half Men, and, unsurprisingly, the attention he's received as a result has made him more popular than ever. But remember, popularity does not negate douchiness.

Tough call, isn't it? But, alas, we need a winner. So, in celebration of tonight's debut of Kutcher's stint on the former Sheen vehicle, Two And A Half Men, as well as the well-timed premiere of The Comedy Central Roast Of Charlie Sheen, we’re here to find out Who Is The Bigger Douchebag: Charlie Sheen Or Ashton Kutcher?