If you're like us and you often find yourself wondering just what Seth Rogan's comedic je ne sais quoi  is actually comprised of, this supercut may finally unravel the mystery for you.

Thanks to this amazing compilation by NY Magazine's Vulture, we finally know: one part giggle-inducing tighly-coiled curls, one part on-point improv, and the rest—ample pop culture metaphors.

In the one minute and 56 second video, Rogan makes an impressive number of specific pop-culture references to get his point across: 52 to be exact, which in our minds makes him not only a gifted comedian, but a straight up pop-culture expert. Rogan mastered pop-culture like Dayman mastered karate and friendship, like Bobby Flay mastered the burger game, like Andy Samburg mastered ejaculation songwriting...eh, you get the point.

[via NY Mag]