George Lindell joins the likes of Antonine Dodson with his overly-animated take on the news (above), in which he describes a recent car accident he survived as if it's a scene from an action movie.

When asked about the incident, Lindell does a full-body reenactment of the car crash, complete with overly-emphatic hand gestures and exaggerated sound effects. According to Lindell, the accident went something like this: "The wires come down was sparkin', sparkin', blowin' up. It was like a big rainbow-PHOOM! And it was coming up PHOOM! PHOOM! And I was like, Shooooot!"

Even the normally stoic Fox newscasters acknowledge the entertainment value of Lindell's enthusiastic re-telling, and recognize the pure genius of his closing line: "'Reality, hits you hard bro?' ...that is poetic." 

We couldn't agree more.

[via Warming Glow]