Gaming fans should be familiar with indie filmmaker Andrew McMurry. His clips have earned praise all over the Internets, and his latest video game-inspired short, simply titled Metal Slug in Real Life, is definitely hallelujah-worthy. McMurry hops right into the mix as the 16-bit existence collides with the real world; shooting, stabbing, and incinerating everything in his path. The brain-child behind Real Life Super Mario Bros and the less-spectacular Self Defense with Portals, is also a part of Pinnacle Point Studios alongside his cousin Matthew McMurry

While these "real man shoots like he's in a video game" clips are becoming a bit mundane, McMurry's production value is incredible — especially when you notice the shadows on all the Metal Slug characters! For those who are unfamiliar with the gaming genius, you can check out the rest of his clips via his YouTube channel.

[via Game Informer]