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One of the coolest moments in Tim Burton's Batman flick was when Michael Keaton brought out the Batwing to stop the Joker from poisoning the citizens of Gotham. While Christopher Nolan's take on the World's Greatest Detective hasn't featured a plethora of "wonderful toys," the Internets are buzzing as footage of the new Batwing in action has hit the web. 

The view of the Batwing in action is slightly obscured by the 6th Street bridge in downtown Los Angeles, but you can see it glide through the air with the help of rigging. While this Batwing looks more like a tiny harrier jet, the behind-the-scenes footage does not reflect Nolan's creative intentions, cinematography or the inevitable CGI that will accompany them in the finished product.

Details about The Dark Knight Rises' storyline are scarce, which is true to Nolan's brand of filmmaking, but it has been established that Batman will be taking on the Venom-induced villain Bane (Tom Hardy). Selina Kyle, better known to DC Comics fans as Catwoman, will be played by Anne Hathaway and will also have a central role in the movie. The Warner Bros. film, directed by Christopher Nolan, is set to be released on IMAX on July 20, 2012.

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