What's that in the water...a lizard, a crocodile? Nope, but it's something just as grimey: a green-faced Charlie Sheen. Sheen goes camo and makes like a soldier in a new Apocolapse Now-esque promo for his upcoming roast on Comedy Central, which will air on September 19th.

As much as we love to mock the warlock, the promo is actually pure comedy. Sheen laments about being on Comedy Central because he has "never even watched their fucking channel" and is forced to emerge from the pool when Martin Sheen reprimands him for being up "past his bedtime". Even the blondes in bikinis garner a laugh or two. But our favorite part of the promo? Sheen finally being reprimanded by Papa Sheen. It's about time somebody disciplined for his not so "winning" ways.

[via Warming Glow]