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After a sweat-inducing second to last episode, True Blood looks poised for copious amounts of mayhem and murder in season four's finale this Sunday. To get you pumped for HBO's last serving of vampire drama and assuage the anxiety of the next 24 hours, the network has gave us three new clips that tease the show's final outcome.

We see Alcide finally making a play for Sookie now that he's found out Debbie is (still) a cheating v-addict and we also see a snippet of Tommy's funeral, which (unsurprisingly) has a meager amount of mourners. But nothing amps up the anticipation like the preview montage, which shows flashes of the utter chaos to come to Bon Temps: Debbie with a loaded gun, Eric and Bill tied to a flaming stake and the return of Jesus' terrifying spirit animal? Sookie & Co. have a serious situation on their hands.

[via HBO]