Paramount Pictures has just released a fresh trailer for the third installment of Paranormal Activity, the ultra low budget, home-video style horror film, which focuses on the early lives of Katie and Kristi, the perpetually haunted sisters from the first two films.

And judging from the trailer, their younger selves faced evils far more terrifying than their adult-selves ever did. Unlike the first two films, there is no mundanity with the occasional terrifying scene thrown in. Instead, Paranormal 3 delves into the poltergeist-esque territory, going for full-throttle terror rather than subtly-induced fear.

But we have good news for impatient horror fans. You don't have to wait until the film's October 21 release is to catch the movie in its entirety. Paramount Pictures recently announced a Twitter contest dubbed Tweet To See It First” , the winners of which will be able to see the movie a full three days for before the movie's release. The get in on it, go to, choose your city and compose your tweet. The 10 cities with the most votes by 1:59 p.m. PDT on Thursday, October 13th will score an advance screening of Paranormal Activity 3.

Currently, Los Angeles is in the lead with 591 tweets. If that's not your city, you best get to tweeting!

[via Slash Film]