With Batman: Year One hitting shelves in a little over three weeks, Warner Bros. Animation is already pushing out their next DC Comics animated movie, Justice League: Doom. Due to be released in early 2012, Justice League: Doom is based on the classic JLA story arc written by Mark Waid, titled Tower of Babel.

In Tower Of Babel, it's revealed that Batman has expansive computer files that detail how to defeat every member of the Justice League in case of an emergency. Of course these files wind up in the hands of Ra's al Ghul, who proceeds to take out the League one at a time using Batman's own tactics. 

According to TV Guide, Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series) and Tim Daly (Superman: The Animated Series) will reprise their roles as Batman and Superman respectively; meanwhile, Nathan Fillion is back as the voice of the Green Lantern, while Susan Eisenberg will once again lend her voice to Wonder Woman

The first trailer for Justice League: Doom will premiere at the New York Comic-Con on Friday, October 14, and will also be featured on the DVD and Blu-ray of Batman: Year One.  

[Via TV Guide]

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