At PAX Prime 2011 this past weekend, Sucker Punch unveiled Witness the Resurrection, a special sneak preview trailer that sets up inFamous 2: Festival of Blood's plot using the "infamous" comic book style of animation. We're pretty sure you're asking yourself, "How the heck did New Marais turn into a haven for vampires?" Well, in case Zeke's story about "fangers," or the use of Cole's blood didn't give away the plot, it looks as though our electrified hero will be taking on a swarm of vampires that would even make Sookie Stackhouse weep.

After Cole MacGrath is captured and bitten by the True Blood clan, the bloodsuckers begin to attack the city of New Marais. With a bunch of vamps seeking to take over the town and feed on anyone in their way, it doesn't help that their revived leader is now a nightstalking Conduit himself. Now, as a creature of the shadows, it's up to Cole to hunt down and kill the lead vampire, in order to both save New Marais and himself.

Can he do it all in one night? We shall see as inFamous 2: Festival of Blood DLC will be made available to PS3 owners on October, just in time for Halloween.

[via Game Informer]