With early reviewers championing Windows 8's synchronization of their operating systems across phones and tablets, Apple may want to start considering taking a strong look at the potential genius in some of the software being designed for their jailbroken iPhones.

One new beta program for jailbroken iPhone is called Lion Ultimatum, and it allows users to customize their iPhones with many of the design features from the desktop version of Lion OSX, which ironically borrowed much of its design from the iOS. As the video above demonstrates, we have a best-of-both-worlds situation, since our desktops were awesome just the way they were.

The program actually functions only as a theme for the required software Dreamboard, but it features an array of advanced, platform-syncing details: keyboards that resemble that of a Macbook Pro, file manager and finder menus, draggable windows and a lock screen that can be customized for navigation to text messages, emails and the dial pad.

[via Engadget]