Talk about a 360°. Peter Tolan, creator of Rescue Me, is going from the dark comedy that follows a NYC firefighter post 9/11 to a possible Baywatch remake, a show that achieved notoriety based on beautiful women sprinting in second-skin red bathing suits. And while it's certainly a strange career choice, we are far from knocking the re-boot, namely because it involves the latter.

Tolan recently announced his surprising project on a podcast forThe Matthew Aaron Show, and revealed that he has completed a script for a big-screen take on the classic lifeguard drama Baywatch, which he describes as a "non-campy comedy...about two young guys who take life-changing jobs on the beach."

Tolan admitted that he specifically penned the script with original stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson in mind, but neither has yet to confirm involvement. Both would be amazing, but the return of either The Hoff or the still-sexy Anderson will be more than enough visual stimuli to suffice.

[via TV Guide]