For anyone who's a fan of the Alien series, visiting the largest collection of the franchise creator H.R. Giger’s work is a must. Located in Gruyeres, we walked over to the museum after visiting a nearby cheese dairy, La Maison du Gruyere. There's actually a H.R. Giger bar in addition to the musuem, and both are randomly next to a nursing home. When you walk into the bar, the walls and ceilings are made of what looks like a skeletal shell, making it almost feel like you're in the aliens' lair. The museum has a mix of sculptures, sketches, paintings, and huge prop-sized figures of monsters from Alien like the chestburster, facehugger, and the Alien. It also has a lot of sketches from Giger that have nothing to do with the movie, but feature a lot of naked women.