I had no idea what canyoning was before this trip. Well, it involves wetsuits, lifejackets, a helmet, being lowered down a 135-foot wall into the canyon by rope, sliding down rocks, ziplining, and jumping into some arctic water (I'm exaggerating, but it was definitely cold). One jump was from 30 feet and knocked the wind out of me. We actually had the option to do a jump from a lower height, but I decided to try the higher one for no good reason, especially considering I'm scared of heights. Of course, once I got to the platform, one of our guides could see the fear in my face because he barked on me military-style to make sure I really wanted to do the jump. At that point, fully emasculated, I just decided to go through with it. As a whole, canyoning was easily the most physically taxing thing I did on this trip. Mind you, this is the same canyon where 21 tourists were tragically killed in 1999 when a flash flood happened. Of course, they waited to tell us this interesting tidbit until after we were done.