Once upon a time, there was a little studio known as THQ Studio Australia. This small, talented studio was based out of Brisbane, Australia and spent the better part of the last decade trying to make decent games out of less-than-stellar Nickelodeon licenses such as Jimmy Neutron and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Despite doing the best with what they were given, the studio was shut down last month in a restructuring plan by their parent company, THQ. Out of the ashes of the studio’s fall comes the footage of their latest project which will likely never see the light of day: The Avengers.

Some very early, pre-alpha footage of the now canned Avangers game has hit the internet and gamers and comic books fans alike have to watch in awe and wonder what could have been. Seriously... shit such as Sega’s Thor and Iron Man games get promoted and funded to the moon and back and something as promising as this project gets cast aside? What is wrong with these studios now days?

The game depicted in the video above has some serious potential. The thought of experiencing some of the industry’s biggest superheroes from a first person perspective, each with unique gameplay abilities and styles, is enough to get even non-fans excited. Now, we can only hope that THQ picks up the scraps of what was THQ Australia’s Avenger’s project and puts it into the hands of another, capable development studio... and far, FAR away from Sega.