4. A Touch of Dee

Neighborhood: Harlem, Manhattan
Address: 657 Malcom X Blvd.
Website: n/a

Do you know how legit Harlem's A Touch of Dee is? It has one Yelp review. The people that frequent A Touch of Dee give zero fucks about Yelping; they might even go upside your head for suggesting something as asinine as writing a review of a bar that's more lifestyle than post-work hang-out. See, most of the clients at Dee's are middle-aged ladies. They either drink strong mixed drinks or they drink their beer from bottles because there are only bottles at Dee's. Taps? Never heard of 'em. The Happy Birthday sign behind the bar? Yes, it's always been there. If you keep asking questions, you're going to be pelted with shoes while you fumble for the exit. Now shut up and have another drink. And put your goddamn cellphone away.