13. Lakeside Lounge

Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan
Address: 162 Ave. B
Website: lakesidelounge.com

Usually little distance between you and the live band you're seeing is a cause for excitement. Well. Lakeside Lounge would very much like for you to feel that way about the sweaty garage band making a cacophonous noise front and center, but you're at a dive. Everything smells, including the band and the taps (when were the lines cleaned last? Wait, don't tell us). The kids celebrating someone's birthday at the table behind you don't seem to mind, but they're so smeared with Little Debbie sweets and cheap beer, they might not be conscious of anything outside the immediacy of their festivities. Remember: You always have the option of dipping into the safety of the old-timey photo booth. But then you'll have to see pictures of yourself when it's over. And you've just spent the night at Lakeside Lounge, where people go to forget such things.