41. White Horse Tavern

Neighborhood: West Village, Manhattan
Address: 567 Hudson St.
Website: n/a

Frequented by some of the best deadbeats of all-time, guys like Jack Keroac (get it? dead beats...), the White Horse Tavern is one of the only dives in the West Village. That said, it is in the West Village, and rather than be an unslightly pimple on the otherwise smooth-as-satin ass that is the Village, White Horse is more like a tiny scar one could easily overlooked. In other words, this isn't as grimy as some of the others. Sorry. But because of the clientele—an extra-hopeless bunch of artists looking for art with a capital A at the bottom of  whiskey-filled rocks glasses—it earns dive status. Desperation comes in all forms, and desperation drives dives.