Mario has played a lot of roles over the years. He's been an olympian athlete, a go kart racer and a board game piece. He's played almost every sport known to man, despite being slightly overweight. He got his PhD in pharmaceuticals when he was younger than ten years old. He's saved Peach from Bowser, Bowser from indigestion, and friendly dinosaurs from extinction. His games are platformers, RPGs and puzzle games, in every dimension, handheld, console, single player, and online multiplayer. He's jumped, punched, dove, driven, flown and fireball'd his way through more games than most people have played in their lives - and for all that, he's hardly changed a bit. 

But he's got a lot of life in him still, and there are plenty of things he hasn't tried yet. Besides, being a good guy all your life is tough. We wanted to explore what might happen if Mario tried his hand at some less vanilla professions for once; he's got enough mushrooms lying around to kickstart his career as a drug dealer, for example. And have you ever seen the guy actually do any plumbing? Neither have we. Suspicious, no? Continue reading for the 25 jobs Mario hasn't done yet. 

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