When Tumblr hit 4.2 million users in July of 2010, people still didn't see the value in the social blogging network. At least when compared to the other social networks vying for Internet eyes. That tune changed, however, when the company boasted 218% growth this past July when its userbase hit 13.4 million. 

Now it seems everyone is either on Tumblr or has a couple Tumblr pages bookmarked. We even started our own Tumblr page (complexmagazine.tumblr.com, if you're interested). If you're thinking of getting your feet wet by starting your own page, go for it. It's fun, easy, and slightly less annoying than Twitter. Before you get started, though, we figured you should check out the 25 Best FREE Tumblr Themes available now. You might as well make it look good, right? Right.