2. Monk's Cafe

City: Philadelphia
Address: 264 South 16th St.
Website: monkscafe.com

If you're alive and in America, do yourself a favor and go to Monk's Cafe before you die or move. Widely considered one of the best bars in the country, it happens to also be best friends with brew. Their amazing list focuses on Belgians, but  also features some award-winning house Flemish sours, and some seriously rare pulls (including La Rulles La Grand 10, currently). Monk's may very well be the perfect place to claim Belgian sanctuary on the East Coast, plopped down in the middle of Philly from some magical cloud made of ale. Even better, the food here is top notch. They are known for their burgers but are most famous for their mussel pots, a seriously large bowl, done in a choice of many broths.