Used properly, TV can be a versatile tool that has limitless educational purposes. Everything from thought-provoking documentaries to inspirational political speeches can be viewed on a television set in order to illuminate the minds of a younger generation. But let’s face it: People want trash TV. Anything that involves violence, foul language, and a little bit of cleavage is more than enough to satisfy the unwashed masses.

None of that quite compares to this episode of COPS, however, in which a husky police officer has the unfortunate job of chasing a shirtless midget down a Las Vegas highway. This is why TV was invented, folks.

Not only does the little man try to elude the cop by sprinting bow-legged down the sidewalk, he actually later believes that he can climb a light pole to freedom. Now, we’ll give Webster props for being built like a little paperweight, but watching him attempt to muscle his way out of those handcuffs like a pint-sized Lou Ferrigno is comedic gold.

Oddly enough, the cop doesn't laugh all that much during the whole bizarre escapade. In the end, the above clip just proves that there are no small crimes, only small criminals.

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