Ass-kicker: Al Capone
Victim: Unsuspecting dinner party guest

Gangster movies have been mighty kind to the Louisville Slugger corporation. Guns might be the most easily identifiable weapon-of-choice for mobsters and violent criminals, but the baseball bat has always been the heavily employed second option. Fittingly, America’s pastime is one of Al Capone’s (Robert De Niro) “enthusiasms,” a lifelong passion of his that the legendary gangster shares with a table full of tuxedo-clad criminals and deviants.

It’s one thing to simply deliver a monologue that explains how baseball is a team sport, not a one-man show for individual statistics, and it’s another to demonstrate how to effectively swing down on a low pitch by clubbing one of your guest’s skulls into the table. What does any good MLB captain know? The job is all about leading by example. Also, in Capone’s case, the fear of barbarism.