Ass-kicker: Captain Vidal
Victim: Innocent, young anti-fascist rebel

Guillermo del Toro’s tremendous fantasy flick Pan’s Labyrinth is, oddly enough, thought of as a kiddie movie in some parts. Maybe that’s due to the film’s young protagonist, Ofelia (Ivana Baquero), a quiet girl with a wild imagination and tyrannical new stepfather, Captain Vidal (Sergi Lopez), but, after one viewing, Pan’s Labyrinth is effortlessly seen as an adult pic of the highest order. The mythical creatures are nightmarish, namely a monster with eyeballs on the palms of his large hands, and Captain Vidal’s methods of punishing anti-fascists brave enough to challenge his rule are hard-R.

Early into del Toro’s best film to date, Vidal makes an example of a young rebel, using a bottle to pound the guy’s nose into a hollowed-out crater, with the victim’s father looking on helplessly (and, thanks to the above YouTube clip, us re-watching in heartless slow-motion). Still thinking about showing Pan’s Labyrinth to adolescent bed-wetters anytime soon?